Getting Started with Hadoop : Free Online Hadoop Trainings

Hadoop Trainings

Oh Yes! It’s Free !!!

With the rising popularity , increase in demand and lack of experts in Big Data and Hadoop technologies, various  paid training courses and certifications are available from various Enterprise Hadoop providers like Cloudera, Hortonworks , IBM, MapR etc .But if you don’t want to shell out some money and want to learn at your comfort and pace, you should definitely take a look at these online courses available online and explore the world of Hadoop and Big Data. Happy Hadooping 🙂

  1. Intro to Hadoop and MapReduce  by  Udacity – This course by Cloudera provides a nice explanation of the core concepts and internal working of  Hadoop components embedded with quizzes around each concept and some good hands on exercises. They also provide VM for training purpose, which can be used to run example questions and to solve quizzes and exams for the course.

Goals –

  • How Hadoop fits into the world (recognize the problems it solves)
  • Understand the concepts of HDFS and MapReduce (find out how it solves the problems)
  • Write MapReduce programs (see how we solve the problems)
  • Practice solving problems on your own

Prerequisites –

Some basic programming knowledge and a good interest in learning 🙂

2. Introduction to Mapreduce Programming  by BigDataUniversity-

This is a good course on understanding basics of Map and Reduce and how MapReduce applications works.

3. Moving Data in to Hadoop

4. Introduction to Yarn and Mapreduce 2  Excellent webinar covering the how Yarn can change the way distributed processing works.


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