Hive Strict Mode

Sort By vs Order By vs Group By vs Cluster By in Hive

What is Hive Strict Mode ?

Hive Strict Mode ( hive.mapred.mode=strict) enables hive to restrict certain performance intensive operations. Such as –

  • It restricts queries of partitioned tables without a WHERE clause.
hive> set hive.mapred.mode=strict;
hive> SELECT, s.class FROM students s LIMIT 100;
FAILED: Error in semantic analysis: No partition predicate found for
Alias "s" Table "students"
hive> set hive.mapred.mode=nonstrict;
hive> SELECT, s.class FROM students s LIMIT 100;
  • It restricts ORDER BY operation without a LIMIT clause ( since it uses a single reducer which can choke your processing if not handled properly

Also for dynamic partitons –


This is a default setting and prevents all partitions to be dynamic and requires at least one static partition.

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